forALL KOBE JAYCEES 2018 Chapter President Junior Chamber International (City) Singapore Evan Yah 髙島章光理事長をはじめとする神戸JCメンバーの皆様に、JCIシティーシンガポールメンバーを代表してお祝い申し上げます。 神戸青年会議所は、常に積極的に事業をおこなっており日本や世界の中でも模範となる組織だと感じています。 それは歴代の理事長が代々、神戸青年会議所を成長と発展の機会に満ちた組織へと作り上げ、南嘉邦直前理事長のリーダーシップの下でも、所属するメンバーが各自の役割を果たすことで事業に貢献し、成長し続けてきたからだと思います。 神戸青年会議所は創立60周年を迎えましたが、同時に姉妹JCとしての絆のお祝いでもあると思います。私達の友情は今後も長く続くと確信しています。 今年一緒に髙島章光理事長と活動し、共に学べることを光栄に思います。 共により強い関係を築けるように2018年度の国際事業を進めていきましょう。 今後さらに、地域社会の発展、JCIの発展のために髙島理事長がご尽力され、さらなる飛躍を遂げると確信しています。 神戸青年会議所の皆様、60周年おめでとうございます。皆様にとって素晴らしい2018年度となりますように!On behalf of my Board of Directors and Members of JCI City Singapore, we give our heartiest congratulations to President Akimitsu Takashima and his Board for the successful Election. JCI Kobe has always been a role model to many Chapters in Japan and around the world for being an eective, organized and motivating chapter. Under the leadership of IPP Yoshikuni Minami, the chapter has grown both in Memberships and Projects, creating sustainable impact to the community. It is because of Leaders such as IPP Yoshikuni Minami that makes JCI Kobe a meaningful organization, full of opportunities for growth and development. As JCI Kobe celebrates its 60th Anniversary, it also celebrates the sisterhood bond made with JCI City. We are condent that this friendship between the chapters will remain strong for years to come. To my fellow President Akimitsu Takashima, it is my honor to work and learn together with you this year. Let us strive to collaborate on an international project for 2018 so as to foster a stronger relationship between members in our chapters. Moving forward, I have great condence that through your leadership and Board of Directors, the chapter will soar to even greater heights as you continue to dedicate your eorts to expand JCI’s inuence and impact within the community. Happy 60th Anniversary to all members of JCI Kobe and I wish all members a wonderful year ahead and all the best for 2018!御祝辞2018 Chapter President Junior Chamber International (City) Singapore 17

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